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Capture The Moment in Photos and Videos

Let's Get Snappy With It!

My name is Michele Gibson. I'm a plant mom with somewhat exotic fur babies. I love to go out and explore just as much as I love to sleep in on my days off. And I'd like to introduce you to...


CookieSnaps HTX! We have been capturing the moment for two years in a bright, color-filled fashion. We love to let you live in the moment because the best photos, posed or candid, happen when you feel like you can be yourself. 

We're here for families big and small, couples ready to try something new, and those who deserve to treat themselves for every birthday, career move, and season of life that asks for remembrance. 

Capture every moment with CookieSnaps HTX 

Go to the Contact Page to schedule a conversation. Follow @cookiesnaps_htx on Instagram and Pinterest for Behind-The-Scenes content, business tips, and upcoming projects!

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Alina T. 

Michele had good ideas and was able to capture a lot of good angles. She made me feel comfortable so I did not feel awkward! Enjoyed it.
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