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Relive your cherished moments for more than a day and more than a quick story timeline.

CookieSnaps HTX is excited to capture what you love best, from amazing photos to videos.

Let's capture your life's stories, from families to weddings and every stage of life in between. And I will remind you to Print Your Photos! 

My name is Michele Gibson. I'm a plant mom with somewhat exotic fur babies, and I love to go out and explore just as much as I love to sleep in on my days off. 

My journey as a business owner began in 2021 to use my creative passions to make a living. What better way to accomplish that than to serve your vision and your special moments.


I'm here for the soon-to-be parents, the collegiate achievers, growing business owners, budding to long-term couples, and those who want to treat themselves.

So, ask me how I can serve you today by going to my Book Today Page to schedule a conversation. And check out my social links where you should follow for Behind-The-Scenes and upcoming projects!

where I help you relive the moment with timeless photos and videos.

Welcome To CookieSnaps HTX,


Customer Reviews


“[Michele] had good ideas and was able to capture a lot of good angles. [She] made me feel comfortable so I did not feel awkward! Enjoyed it.”

— Alina , Graduate


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