Welcome to
CookieSnaps HTX

where I help you get the most out of your photos, branding, and videos.

My names Michele Gibson, and I began my journey as a business owner in 2021 to serve you, your vision, and your special moments. 

For 5yrs I have been working on my crafts through freelance and passion projects with companies like U of H Clear Lake, Moko Streaming Network, Lifetime TV, Studio 713, Our Life TV, and lovely folks like yourself.

Now I aim to work full time for the recently engaged and ready to get married, the soon-to-be mom and dads, the collegiate achievers and growing business owners, or the ones who simply want to treat themselves.


Ask me how I can serve you today, go to my Book Today page and schedule a conversation. Or sign up for Cookie Mail to get in the know for special offers and updates about CookieSnaps HTX. 

And if you're curious about the name of my business, in other words, do I bake cookies?? I get asked this question all the time, and my best response is only for holidays and client referrals. I honestly chose the name because I love sweet things, and it is my best attempt at being witty. HTX stands for Houston, Texas. My favorite part of my job is when I hype up my clients (I'm a big word of affirmation kind of gal), and they often walk away feeling better than they came.