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Photos That Capture The Moment

Let's Get Snappy With It!

Location Ideas

If you need any ideas for where to shoot, check out my collection of beautiful finds around Houston. More places soon.

Think of outfits that really make you feel comfortable and might suit the location and weather. The better you feel the better the photos!

Smithers Park

The Black Labrador

Helen's Garden/League City Park

Discovery Green

Houston Arboretum

Silver Sycamore

Texas Renaissance 

Graceland Farm

Antique Rose Emporium

1880 Garten Verein


Clay F. E. G. Memorial


Here you will find the important questions for everything general photography service related with CookieSnaps HTX. 

Travel fees apply to all services performed by CookieSnaps HTX. Charge of fee: Fifty cents ($0.50) per mile after more than 20 miles (roughly more than 30 minutes) from Point A (CookieSnaps HTX Headquarters) to Point B (Location(s) of shoot) and back. 

This does not include any personal stops made by CookieSnaps HTX in between travel points. Estimates for mileage cost will be given upon client receiving the CookieSnaps HTX Photography Contract.

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