Capturing The Moment
Gets Easier From Here

Working with a professional photographer will bring out the best moments from your special day! We carry the important task of making sure you can live in the moment without missing a beat. And when the day is said and done you get to relive it through the timelessness of photography.


I'm here to share with you what it's like to choose CookieSnaps HTX as your professional photographer. I'm here to capture the photos that will hang on your walls, your fridge, sit in your wallet, and eventually be handed down to your children. This magic truly happens when we are on the same page. So, let's begin!


It starts with a passion

Now Everything Else Is History

I've been practicing photography in all sorts of styles since 2016. Among my favorites to date are portraits, couples, and landscapes. So in 2021, I decided to take my practice and turn it into a profession. My passions, making art and commemorating life in photos, now bring me to amazing places. 


I've always printed my photos to seal in the thought that my life will be forever preserved, Lord willing. But I'm taking it a step further than myself and now look to help others capture moments worthy of being preserved forever. 


Weddings are just one of those moments for me, and thankfully I made this little page to break that down for you. I've grown to enjoy photographing weddings over the years because I discovered there is a powerful feeling that falls upon everyone in attendance. LOVE. 


The love between partners extends to everyone around. It's a contagious feeling that (I believe) motivates photographers to stay in the wedding field. I love to capture that for small weddings, engagements, and elopements. The more intimate the setting, the more focused people can be on each other and not the camera or the excitement of a busy scene.

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Photography Makes It All Stand Still

I'm blessed to have photographed a couple of weddings and engagements. With every photo shoot, the goal is for my couples to feel better than when they came in. For them to not think, "So glad we got those photos off the To-Do List," but rather, "wow, I'm feeling pumped and ready to get Hitched!" I also want my couples to feel at ease with my process to capture the unique moments between them and the moments that could look great in a magazine.


In regards to weddings, the goals are the same. But I recognize the busyness that comes with the territory, so I created a process that allows the couples and me to get on the same page. It all starts with a nice to meet you and how can I make your vision come to life? But let me break the process down a little more. 

Building Up To The Moment

No. 1

The Foundation

Every friendship starts with a good foundation. Before we work together, we have to toast together! I would love to meet you face to face for the opportunity to break the ice. I'd love for you to get to know me and my business. I'd love to know your dream for your wedding: What shots are most important, what editing style do you fancy, and ultimately, how can I make that vision come to life? We build the foundation together. Ask me anything, and let's toast to the future!

No. 2

The Recap

Now that the ice has broken, and you can truly put a name to a face, we can recap any past questions and curiosities to make it to the final decision. If I've done my small business any good and you guys can't wait to ask me the big question, we can move forward with a test session or booking altogether. 


I mention the test session because I like to encourage my couples who still show interest in me to book an Engagement Session. This session will allow us to get comfortable and build trust in how we communicate during a photo session. Optional, but I recommend especially for couples who haven't commemorated the first moment they said Yes.

No. 3

The Commitment

Photography is arguably THE most important thing to invest in for your wedding day. You're putting me in charge of your special memories. And my goal is for these photos to capture the vulnerable, intimate, and unique moments that define your relationship. I want to build a relationship with you so that every moment is like working with a friend. And I also want you to trust me with every other significant moment in your life. 


That brings us to the contract and planning stage. We say I Do and can start breaking down the timeline for the wedding. I'd need to know the locations and rules, the must-have photo list, and other pertinent information. 

So, In Conclusion,

I'm a small business that loves small weddings. I'm a future friend that will be patient with your needs and work hard to capture your vision. I'm the professional photographer for your wedding and engagement. After reading all of this if you want to say I Do, then let me capture your special moments through my services below.


My Current Offers

Lead Photo

Small Weddings

We love it small and intimate, and we love to do it at a more affordable price. It's just you and me, and around 75 or fewer guests. I offer two packages, 4 and 8 hours of reserved photography services. I deliver photos through an online printing service, or I can print them for you and add the cost to the final package.



Engaging with me is not only an experience you'll leave from feeling better about yourself but also a great way to experience how I do photography. From the surprise proposes to the save the date, each moment is worth the shot with the right photographer. I provide 1 hour of reserved photography service at 1 location and will deliver the photos digitally through an online printing service. I can also print them for you and add the cost into the final package.