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Welcome to the CookieSnaps HTX locations page! Here you can find a growing list of amazing locations around South Texas that provide beautiful and fun backdrops for photos. Locations with a star (*) have a rental fee. Refer to the CookieSnaps HTX FAQs section for more info.

Helen's Garden

League City

League City Park

Mcguire Dent Park

Seawall Galveston

Graceland Farm*

Dayton, TX

Mercer Botanical Gardens

Humble, TX

Root Square Park


Sabine Street Bridge

Bayou Park

Smither Park

The Historic Heights Fire Station

Sunnyside Beach

West Beach, Galveston

Pleasure Pier

Galveston, TX

Silver Sycamore*

Pasadena, TX

Community Park

Missouri City, TX

Clay F.E.G Memorial Park

Houston Botanical Gardens*

Antique Rose Emporium*

Brenham, TX

1880 Garten Verein

Galveston, TX

Beach Town

East Beach, Galveston

Ready to Go?

Hopefully you have found inspiration for where you would like to go and there is no better time than now to schedule your photoshoot! Fill out a CookieSnaps HTX Contact Form using the link below. We are so excited to Capture The Moment for you!

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